Working Papers

Instructions to Complete the Application

1. Complete PART I only of the "A-17 Application for Employment Certificate." Make sure that you and a parent or guardian sign the form

2. Have the "AT-16 Physical Fitness Form" completed by either the school nurse or by your own physician, if the school nurse does not have a medical on file for you. The physical exam must have been given within twelve (12) months prior to issuing the certificate. (It is advised that if you are going to the school nurse that you go during your lunch period, free period, or before or after the school day.)

3. Return both completed forms to your counseling department secretary (see below). Your working papers will be completed for you in the office and you are responsible for picking them up by 3:00 p.m. You will need to personally pick up your completed card as it is necessary for you to sign the working card in person.

Contact Information

Counseling Department Secretaries:

East Side - Damara Kotash extension 11502

West Side - Kim DiGregorio extension 11650


For more detailed information regarding working papers, visit the NY State Website

Note: Please allow yourself ample time for your working papers to be completed.