Welcome to the Mahopac High School PTO!

What is the Mahopac High School PTO?

  • The Mahopac High School PTO is a partnership between the families and teachers of Mahopac High School students and the school as a whole.  This partnership allows for the exchange of information, participation in school activities and support for our students and staff.
  • Please support this partnership through membership and participation in forums, committees, and activities.

What Activities does the PTO Sponsor?

  • Senior Class Gift

  • Scholarships to graduating seniors

  • Sponsors SAT/PSAT review courses

  • Participation on various school-related committees as needed

  • Monthly forums during PTO meetings

  • *NEW* Grant program for teachers that apply 

How does the PTO raise funds?

  • The PTO raises funds through membership dues, offering SAT prep classes, and through student planner sales.

How can I join the PTO?

  • Membership is open to all parents/guardians, administrators, teachers and staff members of the Mahopac High School.  Please return the membership application (which can be downloaded under "Resources" ) at "Back to School Night" or to the High School Main Office, or by mail, with a check made payable to the Mahopac High School Parent Teacher Organization (MHS PTO).  The annual membership fee is $10.00 per family.  All members receive a mini version of the school calendar.

Please Note: In order for your child to be eligible for a PTO Scholarship in their senior year, your family must have been a paid member of the Organization for each year your child attended Mahopac High School.


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