Mahopac High School PTO

What is the Mahopac High School PTO?

  • The Mahopac High School PTO is a partnership between the families and teachers of Mahopac High School students and the school as a whole.  This partnership allows for the exchange of information, participation in school activities and support for our students and staff.
  • Please support this partnership through membership and participation in forums, committees, and activities.

What Activities does the PTO Sponsor?

  • Senior Class Gift

  • Scholarships to graduating seniors

  • Sponsors SAT/PSAT review courses

  • Participation on various school-related committees as needed

  • Monthly forums during PTO meetings

  • *NEW* Grant program for teachers that apply 

How does the PTO raise funds?

  • The PTO raises funds through membership dues, offering SAT prep classes, and through student planner sales.

How can I join the PTO?

  • Membership is open to all parents/guardians, administrators, teachers and staff members of the Mahopac High School.  Please return the membership application (which can be downloaded under "Resources" ) at "Back to School Night" or to the High School Main Office, or by mail, with a check made payable to the Mahopac High School Parent Teacher Organization (MHS PTO).  The annual membership fee is $10.00 per family.  All members receive a mini version of the school calendar.

Please Note: In order for your child to be eligible for a PTO Scholarship in their senior year, your family must have been a paid member of the Organization for each year your child attended Mahopac High School.



  • Shop at Five Below and Support MHS

    Feb 3-Feb 10.  Shop at Five Below and 10% goes to MHS PTO!  See attached for details.

  • Shop at Decicco's and Support MHS PTO

    Decicco's School Rebate Program in Jefferson Valley:  A percentage of your store purchases will be donated back to our school at the end of the program.  

    Please encourage your family members and friends to support our school.  When checking out please let the cashier know to put in Mahopac High School so we may earn rewards. You will receive all discounts and sales when using our rewards program.


  • PTO Membership Form 2018-2019


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