About the Clinical Team

The Clinical Team at Mahopac High School is comprised of four Psychologists and four Social Workers. The team’s mission is to serve students, their families, and the school community by promoting excellence in education, psychological well-being, and sensitivity to diversity through best practices. The clinicians at Mahopac High School are professionals with specialized training in psychology/social work and education. They use their training, experience and clinical judgment to work with students, parents, teachers, staff and other mental health professionals to ensure that every child learns in a supportive, healthy, and safe environment. The clinical staff also uses their understanding of child development and school systems to assist in alleviating difficulties which may impede successful learning. Although the clinical team utilizes many different approaches, they provide a number of core services. These services include parent and teacher consultation, referrals, assessment, mandated counseling interventions, crisis prevention and general psycho-education.