Career Exploration

BOCES Applications
Sophomores and Juniors interested in applying to tech for the first time next year, should apply to BOCES through the tech center online application system (Click here.) Students/Parents will need an access code to complete the application online. Please see your counselor or house secretary for BOCES access code information. 
ACCES-VR Services are for transitional and vocational support for students with disabilities after high school.  For more information please visit the ACCES-VR website (click here). Students entering their senior year in high school are eligible to apply for ACCES-VR services.  Applications are available through the student's special education teacher. 

Provides up to date career information for over 900 occupations and offers features to assess a student's interests, develop a career portfolio, and access NY Mentor (a NY college and academic database).

Students can log onto their Naviance Family Connection account to access a personality type inventory and a career interest profiler that would match them with possible careers.

Career Day
A half-day career event that provides MHS sophomores with an opportunity to explore career requirements and skills needed to perform various jobs.  Students meet with local employers representing many different occupations, and investigate a multitude of careers within a variety of career clusters.